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Friday, November 13th, 2015

Co-Owner Mrs. Dr. Evil and I were sitting around, drinking cheap beer and whisky and talking about how shops have changed. 25 years ago, shops were the hub (pardon the pun) of the industry. They were the link between rider and company. Today its the internet. People used to call us crazy to sell bikes sight unseen – and now its the norm to say “I heard on Pink Bike that this linkage is RAD!” and to plunk down $8K for a bike.
Thats fine. Part of owning a small business – whether its a bike shop or a dental office – is adapting to change and staying relevant. Dharma wheels started out as a service shop with one brand – Moots. I know, back then we didn’t even have Surly….or Chris King…..can you imagine?
Anyway, in beginning to look at the last year of business, we’re seeing more consulting and trip organizing that goes along with our regular and specialized service.
Well, its Fall in Park City and perfect in Southern Utah….lets look at some peoples experiences….
Lets start with Zeke, in the beloved Evil kit that I cherish so. In the great Midwest, its cross season.

Speaking of bicycle people, I’d like to show you Wick in his natural environment.

Lets get into inspiring ride photos. We’ll start with Park City.
And Eric Porter doing what he does best…..on Tidal Wave.

And another view of the Wasatch back.

Lets move on to Southern Utah and Guac.

And here is a favorite view of mine which is St. George from Owens.

Here are some excellent Halloween pics that people sent in.

And the obligatory Homie Fall Fest photo as well.

Thats a lot of bicycle action for one sitting, I better sit back in my camper and relax.