The New Year Post

Well, its time for the New Year’s Post.
Lets start with a happy bicycle picture.

I secretly love christmas holiday cards that are sent to the shop. They hit me right in the feel goods. This is one from one of our distributors. As a traditional shop, I strive to support our supply chain even though I see more and more people bringing in their parts for us to install. And more and more, the parts are spec’d correctly.
Lets move on to a beautiful pic sent in by Zeke in IA that goes to show that there are no bad days, only under clothed riders.

Here is a picture of the reclusive Ibis snow fat bike.

This was sent in from the Oregon coast by Stanly Beaver and Nick Fucking Sande.

Its true, fat bikes are fun.
Lets get to some riding photos. Here is St. George, Utah.

And the road to the Pine Valley Mountain….also in beautiful St George.

In case you missed it….

Thats right.

And Stein Eriksen also merged with the universe.

Stein was my favorite skier. As many younger people did in Park City, I met Stein skiing. He loved skiing. He LOVED skiing. In the most basic way that surfers, motorcyclists bikers, cyclists or mountain climbers love their sport.
Stein was fast, he’d have crowds following him down the slopes and man……he was fast.
For those of you who read this but don’t know me well, I raced for Stein Eriksen Sport, the family’s sport shop. It was a 100% class operation. Didn’t matter so much if you finished first – though we did have some fast people…..but anyway, the Ericksen family provided support, money and motivation to us all and I’m forever grateful.
The sport of skiing grew because Stein was such a great ambassador. Always motivated, always competitive, always fun – that was Stein. He was able to get people to be excited about skiing just by being around him. Guess what, thats what the best bike people do.
Anyway, the ski industry was lucky to have Stein, Park City was lucky to have Stein and the stories that have been circulating around are living proof of a life well lived.
You may or may not know that Stein was a gymnast and much of his freeskiing was derived from gymnastics.

A group was talking about cosmetic dentistry and plastics and somebody asked Stein “hey, have you had any work done?” he replied “why would I have any work done, I’m Norwegian?”

Winning isn’t everything, but if your at the Stein Eriksen Lodge, take a look at the trophy case….you will then understand the meaning of achievement.

Next time your out there in the snow, take a turn for Stein.

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