Things Bicycle Companies Do Well

Lets begin by talking about Kona – the best little big or big little bike company in the biz.

Bicycle sales will be going customer direct…in fact they already are…, wrenchscience, etc are all in your homes via the interwebs. Thats fine….innovate, adapt and overcome. Bike shops need to be prepared to focus on service before sales and thats always been our focus at Dharma Wheels – lucky us.

So Kona bikes loves bike shops…in fact, they have the class and professionalism to ask us if they are okay opening up competing shops in Park City and St. George Santa Clara. Of course, because we love bike shops, we said “absolutely!” lets work together to grow the brand in the area.

Kona has opened up a shop of their very own in the beautiful state of Washington, where I have been to take part in their product launch programs. They are also offering online channels to get the rider the correct parts. Does this hurt shops? Only shitty ones. Both dealers and customers can use the site and when done correctly, shops can still make money. Check it out.

Okay, so Kona makes good choices, supports riders and shops and in general, has the best vibe in the industry…..check out their best selling bikes, the process line.

Kona Presents the Inaugural Process Challenge from Kona Bikes on Vimeo.

In local news, Sundance is in town. Guess how I know?

I’m glad there is snow this year. I hear there is a lot of snow out East.

Its been warm and beautiful down south….and look, there are even some new features on the trails. Photo credit Lukas.

Let me share with you a photo from Chris King, whos parts I’ve been selling for 25 years.
When you own a fabrication shop, you can make ANYTHNIG……..A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Need a hinge….make it…..need a hasp…..make it…….need a tool…..make it.
Anyway, being a wheelbuilder, I love their fixtures.

Alright, well, if you’re in Park City, you should go to the unofficial Bikedance Event……and though Sundance is cool, its not as cool as if the Boss offers you a brewski

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