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Has it really been that long?

Sunday, July 17th, 2016

Last blog entry……28Jan? can that be right? I guess it it. Its been busy it always is but thats how it goes.
Let me explain….

The first part of the year is always busy with the highly intelligent people who make custom bike orders early, because they know that is takes 10 weeks to get a bike welded up…..then perhaps another few to allow for the parts to be “in stock” at the various distributors.
Take a look at this (Carl) Strong fat bike frame with custom painted front fork.

Nice, right?
Anyway, I was out of town for Feb and March doing some community dentistry for an underserved population in the rurals of northern California.
And then it was the end of ski season and the wait was on for the trails to dry out.

I know, I missed a lot of stuff….like the Winter Carnival of Steamboat

And the Hurricane and Fruita Fat Tire Festivals

Shit, I even missed the Squealer, which is a mega bummer since Jim and Kim had the final Flight of the Pigs this past fall.

Oh well, they live in Utah now, so I’m sure they have some cool cycling things in the works for these here parts.
May and June are BIG TIME sales months….and sales were good. Ibis led the charge, followed by Turner, and then Kona.
For small shops, you have better sold through your inventory before the 4th, because just around the corner, the larger retailers that loose money on bikes blow their inventory out.
Anyway, now that the sales season is over, I’ve got another dentistry adventure planned, so it’ll be another little while before I write again.
Thanks again to our loyal customers who support us, and just know this, in the past – and in the future, when a larger entity comes knocking with a purchase offer for my shop….the answer is simply……no.

Read the news HERE.
And enjoy my favorite part of the Park City Follies…..the Valiens!