Mud Season Post

This time of year in Park City is affectionately known as mud season….named for the lack of trail dryness that the cold weather and rain/snow showers bring. Its true, the days are hit and miss, and the uppers stuff becomes unridable…..but there are some excellent conditions that appear as well.

There has been some snow up high.

Personally, this time of year is OUTSTANDING for southern Utah…and here is a pic taken by the Mooseknuckler himself on the Kentucky Lucky Chicken trail.

So the summer season in Park City wraps up and come August, everybody is counting down the days until ski season.

September is “bike show season”. With Eurobike in Germany and of course Interbike in Fabulous Las Vegas.
From both shows, the highlight bike is the Moots Baxter.

This is actually a kind of bike that we’ve been doing for people for years……utilizing custom geometry. Its a bike that you can run my favorite 35 C width tires on….or 29″ tires as well. Suspension fork?… could do it. Drop bar?…..its possible. Fast enough to ride on the pavement, comfortable enough for singletrack.
People have asked by models like this haven’t come out in the past…..there really just isn’t that much demand… fabricators don’t just put out there the stuff that they like….they put out there the stuff that sells.
Speaking of interbike, let me encourage you to help Steve keep Underbike alive and musically significant with Planes Mistaken for Stars. Go HERE. Also the animal on the cover of their album looks like one of my cats.

After the Interbike showdown…..Outerbike and the Red Bull Rampage always fall into line.

Cyclocross season is technically upon us, and I say it every year….I love cyclocross – its the only racing that I’m any good at here in Utah since there is little climbing and no velodrome. But I’d rather ride in the warm desert air than slug it out between mountain showers like these studs.

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