Opening day 2016

Well dear friends and comrades, it is my great pleasure to make sure that you know that ski season is upon us.

In the north of the great state of Utah, winter has come late this year. It has made for excellent fall riding, but a longing for the snow on which to enjoy the “vintersphorts” on.

Here is a pic from Ed from last month where snow was only to be seen up high.

Down “low” in the Salt Lake valley, there was cyclocross

Before I forget for another week, let me give the biggest of props to those who participated in the “largest shot-ski” event in the country which spanned the entirety of the main street of Park City.

In all the corporate mongering thats been going on, its nice to see a little local flavor here and there.
I’m preparing for when Vail asks if they can buy Dharma Wheels…..really the answer is simple.

While we’re on it, lets talk about shops…because they used to be the backbone of the bicycle industry. What is the backbone now you ask? That is for me to not know, and for all to speculate.
The fact remains that sadly, shops have been going under.
And here is another one by Bama.
Here at Dharma HQ, we embrace change….because we realize the simple truths…

Thank goodness I paid off my student loan in 2004.
My kind hearted life partner, Mrs. Dr. Evil and I were talking just today about the long journey it took to get the brands we have stickered on our front door(s) and shop trailer. And speaking of awesome brands, here is Ibis founder Scot Nicol who recently won the Grinduro.

Speaking of things that I can trace to 1989, which was when I first began the mountain biking….there was the distributor QBP……which actually started out of Steve’s Dads’ hardware store in MN. They recently have put the mighty print catalog to bed in favor of the electronic one but have created a retrospective.
QBP link HERE.
The “QBP Catalog” was the JCPenny catalog of the bike industry….you would order up the parts for the cutomers before they could just buy it on Amazon and then, borrow the catalog on a Friday night to make up your Christmas list of dreams for parts that you could never afford working at a bike shop.
Ahh, old times.

Thats cool, just remember, 1993 was only 10 years ago.

Alrighty, back to the serious stuff, it was wonderful to see the Ibis folks on some SW Utah trails the past couple of weeks.

Thanksgiving and cycling make me think of two things mostly….the Flight of the Pigs and the Appetite Seminar

Well, and the more I think about it, Scot also does a “steeps of San Fransisco” bike ride around the same time as Steve’s Hairnet ride

And with that we’ll close it out and I’ll get back to what I was doing.

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