Happy Birthday Dharma Wheels Cyclery 2017

It’s time to celebrate – and not just for the fact that I’ve crafted a post for the first time since Thanksgiving. But its my shops birthday. Actually its not my shops birthday. Here is the story buckaroos….when I got to Park City to start my dental office at Kimball Junction before it was a total shitshow urban meltdown- I was kind of fresh off the “bike shop” train because I had just worked 8 years in a very cool, mom and pop, every kind of bike you can think of walks in the door, several 50 something mechanics, best service in Ann Arbor place that was founded in 1932.

And in case you think it was weird that I eventually put a dental office in my bike shop bike shop in my dental offfce, let me remind you that Campus Bike and Toy was a toy store and hardware store before getting into bicycles.
Anyway, when I began my S Corp for the dental side of things I was also wrenching for a local shop in town and freelancing my services to race teams and individuals. As my book of bike business grew I thought about building out a shop into the building I had purchased for Silver Creek Dental. Many reading this post know Troy Rarick and I asked him what he thought about my idea.
“Do it….Do something radical.” was exactly 100% what he said.

Just like any adventure – you have doubt, you wonder if its going to work, you run the numbers and are as honest with yourself about things. You do the best you can and give it 100%.
Thank goodness it worked.
The shop opened up in 2005 and many new patients had us work on their bikes before they let us work on their teeth. Its true.
In 2011, we acquired the Santa Clara property and signed the documents on April 1st. I’ve always liked April 1st for the cycling industry (Ibis was founded, WTB, many many others) but actually don’t care for April fools jokes.
So here I sit with dozen years behind us at Dharma Wheels and my how things change. When I started the shop, I never thought I’d have a computer in the work bench area – now I can’t imagine a work station without it. QBP catalog – the bible – the anchor – would never go away…..and now its not available in print form. Getting cycling culture from the internet – never in a million years – but its happening and this blog is a small bit of proof. For the better, SW Utah is building trails and a cycling culture. Up north, bigger corporations attempting to swallow up market-share and attention of customers. It will be its own post, but at the North American Handbuilt Bike Show in Salt Lake, I talked to many fellow shop owners as well as framebuilders and industry people about “the industry” and where its going.
That will be an ongoing commentary, and just one of the challenges of small business – adapting to change. But as Tommy Hurl always says, “I don’t fear change – I fear things staying the same.”
So raise your glasses and sing – “Selling what Dr Jon likes since 2005″

And a big thanks to my business partner/accountant/auto mechanic/interior decorator/legal advisor/chef/parole officer – the Kimstress.

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