Mud Season Events

Alright……so its mud season in Park City….meaning that if you are not going to Costa Rica – you should be riding in Southern Utah or attending the Fruita Fat Tire Festival with founder and spiritual advisor Troy Rarick.

We’ve been attending for years and it really is a marvelous time.
Though I hear that Saturday was a Powder Day.

Our friends at Epic Rides held the Whiskey Off Road event this weekend as well.
Good times as well.
In fun pic news, I’ve always been interested in cycling people who….
1. have other people get tattoos of them.
2. have other people go as them for Halloween

For he record, I’ve checked #2 off the list so get cracking people.
With the end of regular ski season the high shit is super dialed right now comes pond skimming. Here are a bunch of Air Force Pilots who fly for United that went as “flight attendants who beat the shit out of the doctor.” costume plan. Game-Set-Match.

Glad Park City has some creativity left in its bones.

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