Let the riding begin

Well its nice out there. Here is a pic of a Kona on the Park City rail trail system.

And Mothers Day….so happy Mothers Day to everyone out there.

Here is a picture from a place I used to live, called Flagstaff in Arizona.

The road to Snowbowl never changes – we just get older. Great to see the pines.
In fabulous SW Utah, the wonderful people of the DMBTA have submitted a trail plan to the BLM to add more trails to our extensive trail network…because more trails are rad – right?

In all honesty, we are so very proud to support DMBTA in the south and MTF in the north. I can break it down into a very, very simple statement – we are all stronger together than we are as individuals.
And let me tell you, some of you individuals have some interesting ways to pass the time that involves the bikecycles.

Remember, it’s all fun and games ’till someone gets hurt – then its just fun.

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