Handbuilt Show Photos

Some days you just feel like your running around with a bag on your head.

Some days you feel like a king.

Pictures courtesy of Crawling Spider Photography
Because really, instead of enjoying the pictures on this blog, you should be buying something from Bryce.
Its that time of year in Park City where people start dreaming about their next custom bike.
There has been much discussion in shops online regarding the value of high end bicycles since there are so many “house brands” that ride quite nicely.
We’ve had the same opinion for at Dharma Wheels for many years. Boutique brands and custom bikes are timeless. Think about it. If you buy a 142 rear spaced bike with Chris King hubs, so what if the industry goes BOOST because you’ll have top notch hubs that can be built into any rim of your choice for years to come. If that bike is full suspension, the hubs will outlast the frame pivots.
Is that 142 bike going to ride poorly? I think not. People tend to follow trends with less expensive bikes. We still see 26″ wheeled Turners and Ibis’ that people love. I ride old skis that have been brushed a million times and glide like the wind.
As far as the custom process goes, I’d like to share this from my man Carl Strong.

And speaking of Carl and the wonderful bikecycles he manufactures, lets talk about the Handbuilt Bike show.

How great was it that the pinnacle of hand built goodness came to Salt Lake in March? Right?
Look, master Chef and good friend Chris King put a hub in a whisky bottle!

Even more exciting was Paul Price, and his array of CNC’d goodness.
No idea why some of these pictures show up sideways.

Tim from Mountain Velo, of coursse, made the event and we chatted about Iron Maiden and custom geometries.
I had no fewer than 3 people from Portland offer to buy my Team Evil shirt off my back…..one even offered $66.60
Evil is dead – long live the Black Train of Death.

This reminds me that RAGBRAI is almost upon us…..good times.

I mentioned to Anna and Sycip that we should pose for Stevil, and instantly we all did this.

With that, you may ask what my favorite frame was, its show creator Don Walker‘s tandem – and by the way – if you order a track bike or tandem – you go to the front of his build que.

With that, I’ll conclude with the fact that it was amazing to see so many custom bicycle people flock to the show. Builders met customers and it was beautiful. Our shop acts as the middle man – we match, or if you will, act as road manager between customer and fabricator.
Because its a pretty precise business.

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