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Bringing it back from Overseas

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Let me tell you why its been a little while since I’ve tickled the keys and had a “conversation” with you.
It goes like this….
Last October, a customer calls and says that our website is down. If you type in…..nothing pops up. If you search for our shop, the site pops up (its the same) but thats not the same….and all of the hyperlinks that guide you to our site are basically down. It’s a little unprofessional.
“Well, shit.” was the first thing I said. We are not a heavily internetted company and I start looking for Hi Fives if I do an Excel cell that adds up two other cells.

Okay, I’ve been with since I was in college in the early 90′s and the federal government/IHS people used to say “Oh yeah, get a email….it’ll be great.” Yes indeed, and life/time/whatever happens and its basically like an aol address. And if you have an aol address – rock it. I still only buy music on CD’s and Vinyl….and I have many 26″ wheeled bicycles…..You be You.
O.K….so I call up Yahoo Small business in India and they tell me that my life partner purchased the domain on her personal card in 2007 and its due for renewal.
“Great, lets do it…she’s right here.”
Problems ensue. The email and phone number they have is outdated. “Send us a confirmation to our home in Park City….that certainly has not changed.”
“We don’t do that…just phone or email”. In Yahoo’s defense, we should have kept the information updated and current.
And thats where the stone wall went up.
So, after 2 months of pleading, we opened up a case with the true owner of our domain…TuCows. And they fixed it with proof of my SigO in the form of birth certificate, passport and marriage license.
And I promptly moved everything over to GoDaddy in Scottsdale.
So it’s time for a website refresh, time to add some online commerce, and to change things up. Sorry we’ve been down for a while….its good to be back.

Happy Sundance everyone, remember Bikedance is Thursday…