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The Surly Pugsley Snow Bike

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

For the first installment of the product of the “Month”, nothing fills my heart, or pint glass with more refreshment then the Surly Pugsley adventure bike.  Surly is a company that came out of nowhere.  And by that I mean MLPS.  And by that, I mean that QBP decided that they would create a bicycle brand that would be for the people, designed by bicycle mechanics.  What you get is 4130 Cromo frames, simple colors, and logical builds that last years and years.  The Surly Pugsley is offset 18mm so that you don’t get chain slap on the 4″ rear tire.  Most owners build the bike with disc brakes and bar end shifters mounted on Paul Thumbies to recreate that thumb shifting experience.

I own 3 Surly’s including a snow bike (with Woodies fenders)…..and you thought I was a rich dentist.  Some of my very good friends work for Surly.



Monday, November 16th, 2009

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Monday, November 16th, 2009

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