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NiteRider MiNewt Mini-USB LED Light

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Lights.  They are awesome…..but also a pain.

And I’ve had many lights in my time….probably more lights than the average man.  Am I a light slut?  Maybe.

First there was moonlight….which is not common in Michigan in Summertime, Traditional Lead Acid Battery, NiCad, Lithium, rechargeable lithium, Hydride, NiHydride, NiMedalHydryde, incandescent, Hyoutput, LED…….my oh my the list is long.

So, here’s the thing.  You always think about night rides, but your light is always out of power when your ready to rumble.

Let me say that the MiNewt is awesome simply because you leave it plugged into your computer…providing that you have a computer.

Its ready for you.  Its charged.  Its ready for the trail.  My $300 niterider trail light that cost me $150 in a new battery last year sits downstairs uncharged….fat and complacent, like Brian Wilson.

This light is light enough to mount to a helmet, a commuter, a MTN bike or road bike.  It’s not powerful enough to tackle Moab solo at night, but you people already buy $700 lights from me for that.  Anyway, commuters, rec riders, shop owners…….this is a great product.


I’d recommend buying one and leaving on one of your helmets so its always ready for you.

Pant leg straps

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

There is absolutely nothing more annoying in the world than catching your pant leg in your chainring.  In the summer, if you ride shorts or knickers, no problem, but as the weather gets colder, leggings must be donned.

Pant leg straps are cheap, effective, and should be as abundant as oxygen in every cyclists household.

Let me personally recommend keeping one in your messenger/or other bag so that you are never caught without one.

At the shop, we sell the fancy, $10 Jandd double back strap, and the simple $5 ankle biter.  They both work marvelously.