The HammerSchmidt Crankset

Or the Hammerschmidt front transmission as SRAM calls it.

Lets say that you have a fancy XTR crankset and front derailleur….that cool, and high tech.  What more could there be?


Well, if you do any amount of all mountain riding or freeriding, you may desire the following features that HammerSchmidt offers.

1. No chain suck…..let me say that again, no chain suck.  You also won’t drop your chain into your frame or outboard.

2. More ground clearance…Clarance.

3. Being able to shift under load.  So when you mean to be in the granny going up that steep climb, you’ll actually get there if you shift under load.

4. Being agle to shift while coasting.

5. The gear combos give you a 22/36 or 24/38

6. No cross chaining since the chainring works with all your gears.


There are a couple of considerations before you have me order you up one.

1. You need a hammerschmidt front shifter…your current sram one won’t work.

2. Your frame needs ISG mounts.  And if you have a cheaply made frame, I will have to chase, face, and possibly ‘mill to finish’ your frame.  I did this today, and it will cost the owner $115 in labor.  The crankset and BB is also pretty expensive itself.

3. And you don’t get a big ring….for all you Super D “racers”.

I give it a thumbs up.

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