“Zero Gravity” Ciamillo Brakes

Ciamillo, or Zero Gravity brakes, as they are known in the industry, are the best brakes that money can buy.  And they do take a lot of money to buy a set.  But let me tell you…as a squeamish descender on a road bike, nothing makes me feel as confident as my ZG’s.

We’ve had many customers ask about zero gravity brakes, so I called up Ciamillo.  Guess who I talked to, Ted Ciamillo, the founder.  I was impressed with him, he was impressed with me, and Dharma Wheels was elected into the Elite 50 program.  Meaning that only 50 local bicycle shops will retail the brakes.  No distributors, no middle people.  Just the manufacturer, the bike shop, and the customer.

The product.  Ciamillo makes the lightest and strongest carbon brake out there called the Gravitas.  At $850 a set, you’ll wonder how a 120g brakeset (yes brakeSET) can stop you going down a mountain pass.  It does.  The Zero Gravity model is color customizable.  For the speed weenies out there like me, the Negative G has an improved leverage arm to give you more confidence going down hill.  I used to have a disc brake on the front of my “road” bike.  Now I have a set of Neg. G’s and I”m 100% confident going down hill at 35mph (my top speed).


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