Dharma Wheels Hats

At the custom shop we want to make you look good.  You’ve already seen our super neat and stylish cycling caps.

We now offer two embroidered wool versions.

Version 1 is a marino wool version of our standard cycling cap.  Black, made by Pace, and able to squish and fit into a pocket.  Warmer than the standard cap, can be worn under a cycling cap with ease, and truely…..one size fits all – even me. $30

Version 2 is the ear flap version of the custom embroidered marino wool cap (also by Pace).  At first you’ll think its warm enough to have ice fisherman in the U.P. cherish it.  It is, but it is also great for cycling outdoors in very cold weather, working outside, or nordic skiing.  Here is Mrs. Dr. Evil modeling our full ear model.  $40


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