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White Industries “double double”

Monday, January 17th, 2011

In the world of single speed riding, there are many possibilities.

And I don’t judge.  You don’t just need one speed.  You can have more.  For example…do you want to climb to the mid mountain trail in the same gear that you traverse in?  Do you want ride into old town in the same gear that you use to get to the coffee shop?

Our old friends at White Industries ( have come up with a solution.  Here is a review by team captain, Chris…

Hey Dr

Here’s the White Industries. Dos Eno drivetrain on the Ventana SS. Installed with no problems, “shifts” take less than 30 seconds and will get quicker when I figure out how to align the chainring teeth and links better.
2 gear combos:
31/19– about the same ratio as the 34/21 I was running previously
and 34/16– a good gear for tootling to and from the trailhead
The crank is a blinding piece of WI bling
and the freewheel engages instantly and purrs like a kitten. Hard to appreciate until you’ve ridden a crappy one– this thing just works perfectly and you forget about it.
And thats true.  We actually only sell White Industries Freewheels at the shop because they are so very nice.
I’m digging the setup– looking forward to trying it on the dirt this spring!
Best, Chris