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The 2011 Holiday buying guide.

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Howdy friends, we get asked during the holiday season what good gifts for cyclists are.  Here they are.

Under $50…

1. Socks.  $10.  You go through them.  They make your feet happy.

2. Accessories/tools/maintenance products. $10-50.  Make sure the cyclist on your list or in the mirror has a fresh water bladder for the season.  Don’t want it to leak on your first trip of the season to Moab, do you?  Did your phone get wet last season in your jersey pocket? Get a dry bag for it, or for your larger items.  Is your saddle bag cheezy/falling apart.  If so, get a JandD saddlebag.  Do you NOT have one saddle bag per bike?  Get a JandD bag.  Check your air supply and spare tube.  Does your pump even work and can you flip out the foot rest and use it like a floor pump?  If not, get the Topeak Road Morph…..or a SKS Puro that truly fits in your jersey pocket.  How about some chamois cream for the start of the season, it only makes life better.  Is the dinger on your bell worn out – then replace the bell.   Been eyeing the gelbot bottle to take some energy gel with you on a ride, get it, it works great and is easier to clean then a gel flask.  Take a look at the pictures.


The most wonderful time of the year is also a good time to check your lights (be them to see or be seen), pumps, tools, locks and maintenance products to make sure that you feel comfortable out there keeping your bike rolling smooth.


Ideas $50-225…

Now that you’ve made sure that you have adequate socks, and a dedicated 4mm torque wrench for your carbon bar and/or steerer ($20), lets move on to bigger things.  A cycling courier bag from Chrome (who also makes snazzy shoes, knickers and other garments) is a rather durable gift that will last and blast.  Also, if you’ve been using a sub-standard repair stand for cleaning and polishing and maybe even working on your bike, it is time to jump up to the Feedback sports (formerly Ulitmate) stand.  I have one that is 20 years old and I still use it every season at home.  Truing stand and tool tray options available too.  Closer to the $50 point is a hydrapak “camelbak”.  Excellent durability for the price.  We stock 3 sizes to match you.


New for this season are Bern helmets.  We are carrying two models, the Brentwood (cycling designed, 4 season helmet) and the Watts (ski designed, 4 season helmet).  These helmets will make you want to wear a helmet all the time.  For the brentwood, the mesh visor summer kit is comfy and breathable, and the wool winter kit comes in two versions – with an without ear speakers built in the mesh.  The Watts is slightly lighter, has a molded bill, and has the same winter kit options.  These are what you should wear downhill skiing’, freeriding on your bike, cruising around town, and going to the bar.  Bern helmets are easy to fit if you are skilled, as we are here, and their size is very specific – so putting 10lbs of padding in the helmet to make it work.  Come on it and have us size your new helmet.  We do a special if you get the “complete package” with a helmet – that being the summer kit, winter kit, and audio winter kit.


Other options in this price range include Club Ride Jerseys and shorts ($100 and item), Shimano shoes (mtn or road), new saddles, tires/tubeless setups and upgrade parts like a carbon handlebar and/or stem from Enve.  Stop on by, email me if you need ideas or prices.