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“Winter” Helmets

Monday, February 13th, 2012

This “months” product review will be on helmets….and particularly winter version of helmets.  At the shop, we carry two brands of helmets.  Bern and Lazer.

Bern helmets can be described as active helmets that are 4 season.  We carry in stock the Brentwood and the Watts.  The Brentwood (shown in the picture below on the right) is the most classic of the helmets and has the higher of the two in terms of safety rating.  It also comes in the widest array of sizes….and since I have a 62cm head, I have one because I wear a XXL.  A Bern helmet comes with either a summer kit (with a soft visor) or a winter kit (full on ear flaps and insulated padding).  You can also buy an audio kit that is a winter kit that plugs into your music device.  Let me start with the winter kit since its winter.  It is warm.  Warm enough for downhill skiing or Pug riding when its VERY cold.  The fit is great and the comfort level is high.  The kits take about 5 seconds to snap in and out – I change mine over to the summer kit for winter riding in St. George or summer riding in Park City.  The helmet is durable – you can throw it in a car without worrying about it crushing, and its a suitable “brain bucket” for dirt jumps and freeriding.  Also, wearing a headband with the summer kit is a great way to extend the temperature range into colder weather.


Lets talk about Lazer helmets.  Its the one on the left.  We just took stock of road and mountain helmets from $30 to $160.  All of the Lazer helmets we have are traditional warm weather helmets.  Two of the models do offer a Winter Kit as an option that we can order for you.  You take out velcro stick pads and stick in the liner.  Then you run your straps through the ear flaps and stick on the chin pad and boom, your ready for most winter riding.  The temperature range on the Lazer is basically cold enough that your ears would be uncomfortable to quite cold.  The helmet is not as warm as the Bern, but I”d say the most appropriate since when you are cycling, you will be burning calories.  This would not be warm enough for you to take downhill skiing.  Once again, this helmet, or any helmet can have its temperature range extended by wearing a earband under the helmet. Here is a generic picture of an ear band.


Let me also say that I recommend having more than one earband.  They are great when you need them, but love to hide in pockets and packs so they are easy to lose.

Now, both Lazer and Bern helmets are on sale on line, but let me recommend having our shop size you up, get you your helmet (and ear band) and then fit you.  It takes 5 minutes and you KNOW that you’ll have the proper size.  Its worth the $10 extra dollars.