The Kona Hei Hei Supreme 29er

I’ve known about Kona for a long time….without not really knowing a lot about Kona.  Sure, I wrenched on their bike 20 years ago….ironically with no complaints or issues….but I was a bit removed from the brand.  The few shops I worked in before opening up Dharma Wheels 7 years ago carried brands like Trek, Specilized, etc.

So when the time came to bring on a brand that offered bicycles at a price range under that of Turner, Ibis, Moots and IF, Kona came to mind.  And they were available in the area.  For those of you who don’t know, brands have territories to protect dealers.

So the dance began.  And let me tell you, its like getting together with old friends.  Willy Warren is our rep…shit, I used to watch Willy race DH back in the day.  Dr. Dew works for Kona….Barry Wicks races for Kona…and the list goes on and on.  They are a smallish international company based in Ferndale WA (and also Canada) and really do things right.  They keep their overhead low, build bikes that don’t break, come out with competitive price and package options for their customers, give their reps freedom and treat their dealers well.  Done and Done – Kona is here to stay.

Their top of the line 29er is the Hei Hei.  Some of you may remember the Hei Hei as always being their top of the line bike.  Their “stock” top tier racing setup is the Hei Hei Supreme 29er.  Its spec’d well, and is designed for the racecourse or high performance individual.  But don’t take it from me….here is Team Captain Josh giving you his 2 cents…

“An early review on the new ride. I’ve been out on the Hei Hei for three rides (1 Round Valley and 2 cruisers on the rail trail and I’m very happy. It was great on Round Valley yesterday. Just crushed it … climbed surprisingly well … just rolled over everything where as I’d usually get a bit tossed around. Still need to get comfortable descending, but I am sold on the 29er.

The ride was really nice. A bit bigger than I’m used to. Love the frame stiffness. Very responsive as well.”

And here is the bike. and the website HERE.


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