The Larry Snow tire from Surly

February 21st, 2010

We actually have a guest review of this product from Chris….

Thumbs up on the Larry!
Greatly reduced self-steer on the pavement– felt a little when leaned over in a turn ( I suspect this is due to the wide profile and can’t be completely eliminated, a-la a motorcycle), otherwise all gone. In fact, I rode hands-off for a minute or so, something I would never have attempted (or succeeded in) with the Endomorph on the front.
On the snow, better cornering traction. On loose, fresh groomed descent, I went around several turns as fast as I dared (I’m no great bike handler), and was never able to get the Larry to slide before losing the rear end. Gripped well on singletrack and firm groomed snow, generally neutral and un-noticeable– no bad traits, everything different from the Endo was better.
Un-scientific conclusion: Tell Andy, some guy named Tom, and the others to buy one for the front and put their front Endo in the rafters for their next rear tire. Sell it as standard on a new bike.
Of course, that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong…
Best, Chris

Winter Shoes and Heated Insoles

February 11th, 2010

You should ride in the winter.  Its really fun.  Both on the trail (with a pugsley) and on the road (with studded tires).  Not in a blizzard, but on most days.  And bundling up for said ride is not too difficult, except maybe when it comes to foot ware.  Here is what usually happens when cyclists think about winter shoes….and I am no different in my journey.

Phase 1:  You just wear two layers of wool socks, or try ski socks with your normal Summer shoes.  This works for about 1/2 hour.  And it crushes your feet and your circulation. This is the Junior High solution.

Phase 2: You get “Winter” boots.  We sell these. Garene, Shimano, Sidi, etc.  Take your pic.  I personally own a set of Sidi “winter” boots.  I call them “winter” boots because they are NOT winter boots.  Yes, they are a little warmer than the standard shoes, but they are only good for about an hour or so.  I must say, these are nice for cool rides….so there is a place for these in your wardrobe.  This is the High School level solution.

Phase 3: Winter boots and heated insoles or shake an heat units.  You’ll get much more comfort….but they do wear out, the insoles stop working after a while….or like me, you just end up using them in your moccasins…..or if your not cool enough to be an indian, your slippers.  Congrts, grab your beer bong and a fist full of rubbers – your off to college.

Sidi Heated Insoles

Phase 4: Lake Winter Boots.  Specifically, the Lake MXZ 302 Winter Riding Boot.  And let me tell you dear friends, I don’t even sell these (since Dharma Wheels doesn’t have a Veltec account – nor do we want 100 pairs of shoes we may never sell) and they are worth it.  Almost every local person I sell a snow bike to gets these boots.  They keep your feet warm and dry on long rides, short rides, cold days, warmer cold days, etc.  I even work all day at the shop in these boots when I’m too busy to change to my work shoes.  These are the best winter shoes that I know.  Buy them…these are professional grade.

LakeWinter Shoes

NiteRider MiNewt Mini-USB LED Light

January 14th, 2010

Lights.  They are awesome…..but also a pain.

And I’ve had many lights in my time….probably more lights than the average man.  Am I a light slut?  Maybe.

First there was moonlight….which is not common in Michigan in Summertime, Traditional Lead Acid Battery, NiCad, Lithium, rechargeable lithium, Hydride, NiHydride, NiMedalHydryde, incandescent, Hyoutput, LED…….my oh my the list is long.

So, here’s the thing.  You always think about night rides, but your light is always out of power when your ready to rumble.

Let me say that the MiNewt is awesome simply because you leave it plugged into your computer…providing that you have a computer.

Its ready for you.  Its charged.  Its ready for the trail.  My $300 niterider trail light that cost me $150 in a new battery last year sits downstairs uncharged….fat and complacent, like Brian Wilson.

This light is light enough to mount to a helmet, a commuter, a MTN bike or road bike.  It’s not powerful enough to tackle Moab solo at night, but you people already buy $700 lights from me for that.  Anyway, commuters, rec riders, shop owners…….this is a great product.


I’d recommend buying one and leaving on one of your helmets so its always ready for you.

Pant leg straps

January 7th, 2010

There is absolutely nothing more annoying in the world than catching your pant leg in your chainring.  In the summer, if you ride shorts or knickers, no problem, but as the weather gets colder, leggings must be donned.

Pant leg straps are cheap, effective, and should be as abundant as oxygen in every cyclists household.

Let me personally recommend keeping one in your messenger/or other bag so that you are never caught without one.

At the shop, we sell the fancy, $10 Jandd double back strap, and the simple $5 ankle biter.  They both work marvelously.


Dharma Wheels Cyclery Cycling Caps

December 19th, 2009

The epitome of style.  Be adored by the opposite/same sex.  Be feared and worshiped by mortals.  Destroy Everything.

The Dharma Wheels Cycling Cap…..modeled by our skull


and by your dark lord….


Available in 2 sizes…..One size fits most….and XL….for people like me.

Sock Guy Socks….Especially DWC Wool!

December 13th, 2009

Cycling socks.  Something so simple is so often overlooked.  When you start out, maybe you rock bulk tennis socks, or just suck it up with cheap cotton socks that give you hot spots and blisters while turning the inside of your cycling shoe into a rainforest.

There are many excellent sock companies out there.  My favorite is Sock Guy.  They make a great product, treat US right, and treat the customer right.

Many fun styles available, from ultra thin for those blistering days to wool for those cool days.  I, myself, usually wear wool socks year round because they wick in the summer and offer more warmth in the winter without adding a tremendous amount of bulk.

Sock Guy Socks, a great way to make a statement of style on the bike without blowing the budget.  The DWC product of the “month”.


“D’s Nuts” (DZ’s Nuts) Chamois Cream

December 13th, 2009

Chamois Cream.  I tried it in the early 90’s.  Some sort of something-0r-other-butter.  It sucked.  When I was young, I really didn’t have a problem riding 100 miles, in 90 degree heat with 100% humidity in Michigan with 1 of the 2 sets of cheap ass chamois that I had back back then.  I tried chamois butter.  I applied it to my ass…I applied it to my chamois.  On the occasion that I did wash my chamois, I noticed that it was gaining weight.  WTF?

Then for years, I did not ride chamois butter.  I was tough. I was strong. Then I met Dave Zabriske.  Stop….this has nothing to do with a personal endorsement.  This is a product endorcement – I don’t care if Hitler came up with DZ Nuts – I’d endorse it.

So, is it worth it?  Yes.  I use it before every ride…..and on those long rides where my arse isn’t quite up to the rigor of a long day, it helps incredibly with the tender areas.  Non petroleum based so it won’t make your pad weigh a ton….son.

DZ’s Nuts.  The product of the ‘month’.


Yes, those are my bleaching trays with a DWC sticker on them.

The Chris King Bottom Bracket

December 6th, 2009

If you know me, you know that I love Chris King.  Both for the wonderful food and good times he has bestowed upon Kim and I, but also for making the worlds finest bearing groups….and having a factory with ZERO emissions or waste.

If you have a nice bike, you need a Chris King Bottom Bracket (you already have the headset).


Then, after you buy it from your local shop, you leave your bike at the shop so that mechanics like me can take their expensive breaker bar 8mm driver and remove your crank arm in 10 seconds without rounding your crank bolt.


The Chris King grease injector is fitted to the bottom bracket and grease is pumped through the bearing group.  The old, dirty grease is pushed out and replaced by fresh grease.  Your bearing life is extended, and your ride is smoother.


The Silca Insulated Thermos

December 5th, 2009

For keeping your Coffee….or Whiskey and Coffee….or as Ray Charles (who Frank Sinatra called “the only true genius in the business”) would have it, Gin and Coffee – hot.  The Silca Thermos.  Perfect for your pugsley or your commuter…perfect for stuffing in your courier bag next to your cigarettes.

You won’t be able to mount another cage in your frame, so if you need a water bottle, use a TwoFish Velcro mount cage by your BB.


The Surly Pugsley Snow Bike

November 17th, 2009

For the first installment of the product of the “Month”, nothing fills my heart, or pint glass with more refreshment then the Surly Pugsley adventure bike.  Surly is a company that came out of nowhere.  And by that I mean MLPS.  And by that, I mean that QBP decided that they would create a bicycle brand that would be for the people, designed by bicycle mechanics.  What you get is 4130 Cromo frames, simple colors, and logical builds that last years and years.  The Surly Pugsley is offset 18mm so that you don’t get chain slap on the 4″ rear tire.  Most owners build the bike with disc brakes and bar end shifters mounted on Paul Thumbies to recreate that thumb shifting experience.

I own 3 Surly’s including a snow bike (with Woodies fenders)…..and you thought I was a rich dentist.  Some of my very good friends work for Surly.